Who We Are

Our Vision

AKTINOS is an innovation-driven, people-centric and client-focused organization offeringa broad and integrated portfolio of products & services to the global pharmaceutical industry. We are equipped with world- class infrastructure managed by best-in-class personnel and driven by core knowledge, innovation, and excellence. AKTINOS emerged as a segment- leading manufacturer of high quality, customer-specific, complex and nicheintermediates and APls, apreferred partner for CRAMS, NCE development and manufacturing. Given the strengths, capabilities and experience, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients in their endeavor of ‘quicker to market’ and thus contributing towards improving access to quality and affordable healthcare worldwide.

Our Mission

We are committed to setting up pioneering standards in healthcare. Working together to provide people access to high quality medicine, we innovate to satisfy unrecognized and unmet needs, and make reliability, service excellence a habit.

We are innovative, unconventional, visionary and bold.

Our value system gives us an un-compromising stance in ethical matters and helps us to maintain superior quality in our products, and safeguard our people and environment.

Our Clients